PTFE/FEP/PFA Lined Flush bottom tank drain valves are designed to provide drainage and dead space free shutoff togeather with corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion prevention of impurities for reactors, vessels, autoclaves and storage tanks and are most suitable not only for Polymer, but also Pharmaceutical, food application. The dead space free shutoff is accomplished by placing the valve seat flush with the bottom of the vessel. This eliminates any buildup of product within the vessel nozzle itself.


01) Flexible design capabilities allow fitting any vessel nozzle configuration
02) Disc rising or lowering
03) Fit exactly to the wall for Disc lowering type
04) Crust breaking for Disc rising type
05) Manual, Pneumatic cylinder(spring return or double acting/with or without Manual hand-wheel)
06) Electric, Hydraulic operations Jacketed valve type(Full jacketed, Semi jacketed), Non jacketed
(Single) type
07) PFA / FEP Lining offers highest corrosion resistance. Minimum lining thickness of 3mm, lining
locked by multiple locking grooves
08) Outer body graded cast iron as per ASTM Standard, other materials like cast steel / stainless
steel available on request
09) Size Range : 40mmX25mm, 50mmX40mm, 80mmX50mm, 100mmX80mm, 150mmX100mm
10) Flange Connection : ANSI B 16.50 Class 150, Other options as per client's requirement
11) Spark testing of FEP / PFA Lining at 20 KVDC
12) Leak Test as per API 598
13) Temperature : FEP - Max 180 Degree Centigrade; PFA - Max 200 Degree Centrigade


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